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Calendar & Classes

To register for one of our events or classes follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Click on the day and name of the event you wish to attend.

2. If you are a current member, log in and register. If you are a new member, kindly register as a new client and follow the instructions. 

3. If you have any questions or need any assistance, kindly reach out to us at: 970-573-7606.

We have several membership options:

1-$40 Aspen Community Yoga-unlimited classes in our Online Virtual Boutique Studio. These classes are recorded and you will have access to all our classes to attend and/review as you wish. 

2-$60 Cypress Community Yoga-Enjoy our studio class offerings from the convenience of your own home via ZOOM, a private 20 min lesson monthly with Stephanie and our quarterly gift box-hand curated items to enjoy each quarter.

3-$75 The Mighty Oak Community Yoga-Up-level your membership with this NEW Collaboration!

Enjoy our studio class offerings from the convenience of your own home via ZOOM, access to our library of classes(added daily), one private 20 min lesson monthly with Stephanie, our quarterly gift box-hand curated items to enjoy each quarter and a membership to the Olio Fit Community with founder and personal trainer Ethan Burgess.

When you register for this membership, an introduction will be made to Ethan so you can be added to his program.

4-Virtual Punch Cards-10($75) or 15($105) pack. These passes are good for 90 days. Attend as you wish.

5-Every Now & Zen-8 pack for $50. This class is hosted twice a week mid-day from your office or table. No need to change clothes, come as you are!

3-Looking for a boutique yoga experience? Try Tree of Life Yoga Virtual Studio for 10 days and experience a variety of classes for FREE! This membership is available to purchase 1 time and only for new members to the studio.

Our Classes

Vin/Yin-Yang followed by yin! The first half of class will focus on connecting breath to movement in an invigorating all levels vinyasa flow designed to clear the mind while strengthening the body. The second half will restore the body and quiet the mind with feel-good deep calm stretching to help you go back into the world and finish your day.   (Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia.)

Barre Fusion-This dynamic 50 min class starts with a warm up followed by a variety of barre techniques. (Barre is a combination of pilates, ballet, strength exercises and we occasionally toss in some yoga.) In each Fusion class we include arm and core work.

Yoga Infused Barre-After warming up we will enjoy a yoga flow, followed by a series of core focused barre movements. Barre is a combination of Pilates, yoga, exercise, and ballet.

Growth and Grounding Flow- starts with breath and gentle movement, transitions to sun sals, then a dynamic flow ending with some peak poses and savasana. Each week will vary and may include restorative and yin poses on occasion.

​Rest & Restore Yoga (Restorative)-Restorative yoga is a series of 5-6 poses, supported with props that allow you to completely rest and relax. Restorative includes light twists, forward folds, and gentle back-bends. Great class for beginners or those who want to rest and relax.

Express DeStress-Join us for this delightful, online 30 min flow. It's a great way to start your day with breath, gentle movement, core and more.

Focused Core and More-Our 30 min Focused Core & More is 30 min of attention on our core. Equipment needed for this class may be a Bender Ball-Pilates.(Instructor can offer substitute equipment.

Morning Mindful Flow-This is a slow, gentle, mindful flow class. We start with some breath work and light stretching, then transition into a short, mindful flow, ending the last few moment of class in savasana. 

Chair Yoga- A gentle and supportive way to help improve your range of motion & flexibility, build strength, breathe more fully and reduce stress. This class will consist of yoga poses and exercises that will use the chair for support both seated and standing, if able.


Every Now & Zen-A delightful class hosted at noon, 2 times a week. Log in at your desk or dining room table, just as you are and enjoy this gentle flow. A great mid-day break/stretch. 

Whether you are looking to try yoga for the first time, or recently released from doctors care after an injury…come join me for this important mind body connection!

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