Each of our yoga packages are available in our Express De-stress-a 30 min practice or our Time to Unwind-60 min practice.

Our workshops are designed to meet the needs or our clients and can be designed from 2 hours to full days.



Fusion of a gentle yoga practice with myofascial release techniques to increase mobility, improve circulation, reduce muscle soreness/recovery time and decrease tension. Specialty myofascial release tools are utilized in this therapeutic practice. 





30 min Signature Yoga Class - This unique form of yoga is done dressed just as you are and completed around a table.  Tables and chairs are used as props for this delightful, sweat free practice designed for all yogi levels. 



Restorative yoga is a series of passive poses held for 5-15 minutes.  The body is supported on the mat with the use of props that allow the body to rest and relax, down regulating the nervous system.  Press the reset button with this restful practice. 



Yin Yoga is a series of active stretches held for 3-5 min.  The practice begins with breath work and ends with a meditation. Mats and props are utilized, and comfortable clothes are recommended to allow for deeper stretches. 


These 30 min meditations begin with breath work and gentle movement, followed by a 15 min meditation.

A variety of meditations available including our special chocolate meditation.

Connecting breath to movement in an all levels vinyasa flow designed to clear the mind while strengthening the body.

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